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🥁 And The First Cheque Goes To...

🥁 And The First Cheque Goes To...

Christmas came early for our team. Fresh off the launch of our fund, we've inked our first deal less than 48 hours later.

And tbh, we couldn't be prouder. Here was the headline:

Not only does the startup perfectly fit our thesis, but it's co-founded by two bright and hungry operators. The ultimate combo. 👌

The startup? WFHomie.

Just this morning, WFHomie announced the news of raising their $1.5M seed round. Easy to read in a headline, hard to finalize before the holidays in practice.

WFHomie is building the ultimate remote employee engagement platform and we couldn't be happier securing our first cheque with them. 💸

WFHomie raises $1.9 million CAD to help companies better engage, retain employees
Toronto-based software startup WFHomie has secured $1.9 million CAD in seed financing to fuel the growth of its employee engagement solution.

WFHomie’s platform is a perfect answer to the great migration we're seeing in employee turnover. Proceeds from the round will be deployed to facilitate this global expansion and enhance the company’s platform and analytics capabilities.

Co-founders Bobosikova and Reza claim:

"We’ve seen the great resignation change the way employers are treating their staff. With this new raise, we can continue to grow our team, our analytics and AI-powered recommendations capabilities, and continue to acquire new customers."

“WFHomie was the perfect opportunity to be the first recipient of funding from our new LOI Venture fund. They encapsulate everything our fund sets out to be, providing more capital and greater mentorship to young Canadian entrepreneurs,” says Ryan Holmes, Co-Founder of LOI Venture. “WFHomie is bridging the gap of hybrid, remote work and has a deep understanding of what’s needed to build those meaningful relationships.”

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1 investment down, 99 to go.

Thanks to those who reached out with interest in investing along with us. We’ll be finalizing our first close in December 2021 and the second close H1, 2022. Say hello here.

Back to the pitches 👋

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