Here's the list of the startups we are backing and the fearless founders leading the charge.

1. Blume

2. Flöka

  • Founder: Vanessa de Waal
  • One liner: democratizing data access for practitioners to improve patient support
  • Category: healthcare technology
  • Investment date: Jan 2022
  • What they're building: announcement

3. Otter

4. Retreats and Venues

5. Webacy

  • Founder: Maika Isogawa
  • One liner: helps you protect your crypto assets and social media accounts
  • Category: computer software
  • Investment date: Jan 2022
  • What they're building: announcement
  • Press: CoinDesk

6. Spontivly

7. Reusables.com

8. Blossom Social

9. EthosNFT

10. Ohh Foods

  • Founder: Brittany Charlton
  • One liner: fast-growing CPG brand in the healthy snack space that’s free from the top 10 allergens (gluten, nuts, vegan)
  • Category: E-commerce
  • Investment date: March 2023
  • Press: Forbes, York

11. Go Oil

12. Frenter

  • Founder: Zach Laberge
  • One liner: a rental platform for the equipment industry
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment date: March 2023
  • Press: CBC

13. Surf

  • Founders: Swish Goswami and Aanikh Kler
  • One liner: provides brands a better way to engage and understand consumers while compensating consumers for their data
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment date: March 2023
  • Press: AdWeek, Forbes, TC, BI

14. Deskree

  • Founder: Dmytro Greechko
  • One liner: Making backend infrastructure accessible to any development team
  • Category: no-code
  • Investment date: July 2023
  • Background: It takes 20+ weeks and $100k+ to create the back-end for an average project. With Deskree, developers can create scalable back-end infrastructure in minutes and without a single line of code. Investors include N49P, Forum Ventures, Hustle Fund, Vlad Magdlainn and FlyerOne

15. Sipply

  • Founders: Caty Tedman and Verity King
  • One liner: Sipply AI-based recommendation engine to match drink pairings to food.
  • Problem background: 95% of North America has access to alcohol delivery, but only 10% are ordering drinks through food delivery services. It's too time-consuming, too confusing, and people just don't know what to pick. That's where sipply comes in with expert recommendations that consumers can trust for beverages available locally. The real-time data generated from user searches and clicks is then valuable to beverage suppliers and distributors who are usually making decisions with data compiled once a year.  It’s designed as a standalone consumer app, a plug-in to platforms like DoorDash or Uber Eats, and generates real-time analytics about eating and drinking trends.
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment date: December 2023
  • Website: www.sipp.ly

16. Holdr

  • Founders: Buk Nkosi and Aneesh Varshney
  • One liner: Holdr is the ultimate modernized fan club, where artists fuel their careers and fans get front-row seats to their favourite artists.
  • Problem background: Holdr empowers artists to unlock the full potential of their fanbases, offering a sustainable revenue stream that allows artists to partner with their top fans, all without sacrificing any ownership of their music and future. It provides a central platform for artists to aggregate their careers and connect with their communities.
  • Category: SaaS, Music
  • Investment date: October 2023
  • Website: holdrclub.com

17. Monark

  • Founders: Kelsey Hahn and Amanda Julian
  • One liner: an interactive, data-driven development and performance optimization platform
  • Background: there is a glaring problem in organizations: most leaders begin managing people at the average age of 30 but often won’t receive any leadership training until 42, meaning we have a 12-year training gap that traditional, high-touch leadership development (e.g. coaches) can’t solve. Designed to fit into busy leaders’ lives, our software is the first of its kind to embrace a blended approach of live, expert-facilitated learning with an intuitive and intelligent learning platform, making it both accessible and scalable for the masses. Monark provides a personalized experience that supports the transfer of learning through behavioural nudging, evidence-based micro-learning, interactive activities, and AI-based practice, role play, and assessment.
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment date: December 2023
  • Website: leadwithmonark.com

18. Superpanel

  • Founders: Julien Emery and Dingyu Zhang
  • One liner: Superpanel AI creates "AI workers" that automatically review unstructured sales data and transform it into structured documentation and CRM updates. 
  • Background: Companies must spend around $5,000 for every enterprise sales opportunity they decide to work on, Superpanel is focused on bringing this cost down by 50% or more. 
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment Date: Jan 2024
  • Website: superpanel.io

19. PureCode AI

  • Founders: Edward Daniel and Ben White
  • One liner: PureCode is an AI-powered developer tool that enables engineers to rapidly generate front-end UI components from text prompts, significantly reducing coding time and boosting productivity for faster product development cycles
  • Background: running a software development agency is cumbersome and time-consuming. PureCode was founded on the premise that the front-end coding process should be automated with artificial intelligence.
  • Category: Software Development/ Gen AI, Developer tools
  • Investment Date: May 2024
  • Website: purecode.ai

20. Haloo

  • Founder: Julie MacDonell
  • One liner: With the power of built-from-scratch AI, Haloo helps every company, big or small, protect their most valuable asset—trademarks.
  • Background: Haloo is attracting top talent to drive our growth, including their new CRO, Mark Jacobs, a seasoned industry veteran with executive-level sales and GTM experience at major competitors such as Corsearch, as well as new team members from Google and Zendesk. Our partnership with GoDaddy is progressing, with our soft launch in the U.S. scheduled for early May, and a full API integration projected by the end of the year. 
  • Latest Milestones: GoDaddy partnership, 130 law firms subscribed, virtually 0% monthly churn and annual churn of 5%, expanding into EU and UAE
  • Category: AI/ML, LegalTech
  • Investment Date: April 2024 
  • Website: haloo.ai

21. Quorum Earth

  • Founder team: Chris Kantrowitz, Jeff Rosenthal
  • One liner: Safe, effective bio-pesticides made from the fungal kingdom
  • Background: Started in Feb 2023. Quorum Earth has developed a groundbreaking method for creating bio-pesticides. Started by two old friends inspired by the world of Paul Stamets. Quroum earth's first product kills the parasite that is killing the honey bees. 
  • Latest Milestones: The first production batch is being produced as we speak. 
  • Category: ag-tech
  • Investment Date: June 2024
  • Websitewww.quorumearth.com

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