Here's the list of the startups we are backing and the fearless founders leading the charge.

1. Blume

2. Flöka

  • Founder: Vanessa de Waal
  • One liner: democratizing data access for practitioners to improve patient support
  • Category: healthcare technology
  • Investment date: Jan 2022
  • What they're building: announcement

3. Otter

4. Retreats and Venues

5. Webacy

  • Founder: Maika Isogawa
  • One liner: helps you protect your crypto assets and social media accounts
  • Category: computer software
  • Investment date: Jan 2022
  • What they're building: announcement
  • Press: CoinDesk

6. Spontivly

7. Reusables.com

8. Blossom Social

9. EthosNFT

10. Ohh Foods

  • Founder: Brittany Charlton
  • One liner: fast-growing CPG brand in the healthy snack space that’s free from the top 10 allergens (gluten, nuts, vegan)
  • Category: E-commerce
  • Investment date: March 2023
  • Press: Forbes, York

11. Go Oil

12. Frenter

  • Founder: Zach Laberge
  • One liner: a rental platform for the equipment industry
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment date: March 2023
  • Press: CBC

13. Surf

  • Founders: Swish Goswami and Aanikh Kler
  • One liner: provides brands a better way to engage and understand consumers while compensating consumers for their data
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment date: March 2023
  • Press: AdWeek, Forbes, TC, BI

14. Deskree

  • Founder: Dmytro Greechko
  • One liner: Making backend infrastructure accessible to any development team
  • Category: no-code
  • Investment date: July 2023
  • Background: It takes 20+ weeks and $100k+ to create the back-end for an average project. With Deskree, developers can create scalable back-end infrastructure in minutes and without a single line of code. Investors include N49P, Forum Ventures, Hustle Fund, Vlad Magdlainn and FlyerOne

15. Sipply

  • Founders: Caty Tedman and Verity King
  • One liner: Sipply AI-based recommendation engine to match drink pairings to food.
  • Problem background: 95% of North America has access to alcohol delivery, but only 10% are ordering drinks through food delivery services. It's too time-consuming, too confusing, and people just don't know what to pick. That's where sipply comes in with expert recommendations that consumers can trust for beverages available locally. The real-time data generated from user searches and clicks is then valuable to beverage suppliers and distributors who are usually making decisions with data compiled once a year.  It’s designed as a standalone consumer app, a plug-in to platforms like DoorDash or Uber Eats, and generates real-time analytics about eating and drinking trends.
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment date: December 2023
  • Website: www.sipp.ly

16. Holdr

  • Founders: Buk Nkosi and Aneesh Varshney
  • One liner: Holdr is the ultimate modernized fan club, where artists fuel their careers and fans get front-row seats to their favourite artists.
  • Problem background: Holdr empowers artists to unlock the full potential of their fanbases, offering a sustainable revenue stream that allows artists to partner with their top fans, all without sacrificing any ownership of their music and future. It provides a central platform for artists to aggregate their careers and connect with their communities.
  • Category: SaaS, Music
  • Investment date: October 2023
  • Website: holdrclub.com

17. Monark

  • Founders: Kelsey Hahn and Amanda Julian
  • One liner: an interactive, data-driven development and performance optimization platform
  • Background: there is a glaring problem in organizations: most leaders begin managing people at the average age of 30 but often won’t receive any leadership training until 42, meaning we have a 12-year training gap that traditional, high-touch leadership development (e.g. coaches) can’t solve. Designed to fit into busy leaders’ lives, our software is the first of its kind to embrace a blended approach of live, expert-facilitated learning with an intuitive and intelligent learning platform, making it both accessible and scalable for the masses. Monark provides a personalized experience that supports the transfer of learning through behavioural nudging, evidence-based micro-learning, interactive activities, and AI-based practice, role play, and assessment.
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment date: December 2023
  • Website: leadwithmonark.com

18. Superpanel

  • Founders: Julien Emery and Dingyu Zhang
  • One liner: Superpanel AI creates "AI workers" that automatically review unstructured sales data and transform it into structured documentation and CRM updates. 
  • Background: Companies must spend around $5,000 for every enterprise sales opportunity they decide to work on, Superpanel is focused on bringing this cost down by 50% or more. 
  • Category: SaaS
  • Investment Date: Jan 2024
  • Website: https://www.superpanel.io/

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