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πŸŽ‰ We're Trying to Raise $10,000 for Young Founders. Wanna Help?

Wanna see more young entrepreneurs rise up? Partner with us so we can expand our programming and mentorship resources.
πŸŽ‰ We're Trying to Raise $10,000 for Young Founders. Wanna Help?

Donate to our LOI Charity

Hey Friends,

In case you didn't know, yesterday was National Entrepreneurship Day.

So for the founders (or friends of founders) reading this, let this be your signal to hit up that special dinner spot this weekend that you've been putting off. 🍽

More importantly, we felt the timing of National Entrepreneurship Day was fitting to share a story with you. It's not a story about Sam Altman or OpenAI's latest board member. It's a story about one of our young founders who's navigated some hard challenges to become the inspiring entrepreneur she is today.

So pull up a chair, prep the french press coffee and gather around.

It's a good one. β˜•οΈ

We Wanna Introduce You To Lily

Lily Harper is the 10-year-old founder behind Lily Lou's Aromas.

She grew up just 45 minutes from Vancouver, B.C. However, after being bullied in school, Lily decided to drop out and take up homeschooling with the support of her parents for a change of pace.

It was actually during this difficult time, that Lily discovered her love for entrepreneurship and dreamed up a way to mix her studies with the concept of creating something for others.

Little did she know, her homeschooling project ended up serving as the very foundation for her very first business venture

And at just 10 years old, Lily is already giving some of the largest candle makers in the lower mainland a run for their money with the beautiful hand-poured candles she makes from home.

Lily ended up joining our startup accelerator at LOI to be part of a larger community of other young founders who were taking the unconventional path and defying odds.

She wanted to join a community where she felt at home. And at LOI, Lily was able to make more friends, learn new strategies, get connected with key mentors and scale her confidence to take on bigger and greater challenges for her business.

She's now:

Wanna know the cool part? Lily is just one of the 1,500+ alumni at League of Innovators inspiring the world to dream bigger and reach higher, regardless of their age, background or experience.

Here's 7 More Stories Like Lily's:

The list goes on and on. Now onto something we want to share with you.

Confession Time:

If you didn't already know, the League of Innovators (or LOI as our founders call it) has been operating as a charity since its launch in 2017.

And with that in mind, all of our programming (like the classes Lily took) is funded entirely by donations.

This happens through everything from small donations from folks giving $10/mo and bigger donations from companies during the year.

We don't talk about it a ton in our marketing because:

  • a) we're busy teaching founders each day with our small team and
  • b) it's kinda awkward to ask for money from our community if we're honest

But we have a big bucket list item we wanna share with you. And with this week's National Entrepreneurship Day, we thought it was the perfect time to drop it on you.

The big news? We're launching a donation goal to raise $10,000 by Dec 31st which will go directly toward expanding our programs and staff to lift up more young founders in 2024. Anyone who wants to partner with us can go donate here.

Donate to our League of Innovators Charity

We wanna create more inspiring stories like Lily's and provide more support for young entrepreneurial thinkers who feel alone.

And the best part is, we have a surprise sponsor that's willing to MATCH every dollar up to $100 of your donation to make your donation go even further πŸ”₯

If $100 is too much, we have an even better idea.

We Did The Math and Found That If:

  • 84 people reading this newsletter
  • decide to give $10 / month for the 12 months
  • $840/mo x 12 months = over $10,000 in donations to young founders

Pretty cool eh?

Good Point, I'll Donate

And if you asked ChatGPT to re-write this in a cheekier Gen Zish format it'd say... "if you want to donate the equivalent of two Pumpkin Spice Lattes ($10) per month for the next year, you'd have a huge impact on the lives of the young entrepreneurs LOI serves across Canada and we'd be honoured to partner with you if you'd like to donate here"

Main point we're trying to drive home to readers is this:

If you feel like you've benefited from anything LOI has done (an event, an intro, a coffee, a webinar etc) or sense it in your heart to support the Young Entrepreneurs that we serve, we'd love to have you partner with us in our impact.

Scarlett Johansson Lets Do It GIF by BuzzFeed

I mean, what better way to celebrate National Entrepreneurship Day and Giving Tuesday than giving to a charity that aligns with your startup heart?

Even Scarlett and Reese are opening up their iPhones.

And not to toot our own horn, but we've got a killer community who's benefited from every dollar that's been put to work through our programsπŸ‘‡

Donate to our League of Innovators Charity

So Here's Our Goal in 30 Days:

  1. πŸŽ‰ Raise $10,000 to help young founders
  2. ⏰ Accomplish it by December 31st, 2023

Want to be part of the momentum?

Click the button below to help get that thermometer from $25.00 closer to $10,000. It needs quite a bit of help. πŸ˜…

Donate to our League of Innovators Charity

🀫 Sneaky bonus: we may have a special surprise for those who donate more than $100. But regardless of the dollar amount you give, we promise we'll put your donation to great use in raising up young entrepreneurs in every corner of Canada.

To Recap, If You'd Like to Give to LOI:

  1. πŸ’™ Head to our donation page
  2. πŸ“© Email melissa@theleagueofinnovators.com to request your preferred method of giving (e-transfer, check)
  3. πŸ“£ Or spread the word: forward this email to a friend, make a LinkedIn post or share a spicy IG story

Donate to our League of Innovators Charity

Whether you donate or not, thanks for following along our journey and cheering young founders on behind the scenes.

It means more than you know.

Until next time,

πŸ–€ The LOI Fam