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🎄Know Brian Scudamore? Come See How He Sets His 2024 Goals on Dec 12th

Getting nervous about your 2024 goals? Come join our free AMA with a world class founder to see how he sets his plans up for the year ahead
🎄Know Brian Scudamore? Come See How He Sets His 2024 Goals on Dec 12th

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Hey Friends,

📰 It's December: Holiday socials are on the rise. Cybertrucks are on the road. Mariah Carey's blastin' on your Airpods. Sam Altman has his job back. Your neighbours are judging how many Black Friday packages are on your doorstep. Andddd you still haven't signed up for our AMA with the founder of 1-800-Got-Junk who grew his startup idea from 0 to $300m/year. Clean your conscience and RSVP already

Now, nod your head with us if you're ready to hit the goods.

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On Deck Today:

  • 📆 Set your goals with Brian Scudamore on Dec 12th [RSVP]
  • 👏 Some key founder wins and stories from the LOI community
  • 📝 Wanna scale your startup? Sign up for our Boost 2024 Program waitlist
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📆 Join our Goal Setting Workshop with Brian Scudamore on Dec 12th

Brian Scudamore started as a young entrepreneur just like you. At 18, he needed some cash to afford life, so he:

  • 🛻 picked up a $700 truck
  • 🎨 painted his phone # on the side
  • 💰 and started hauling junk around the city

It ended up taking him 8 years to make his first million and now today, his business group earns ~$1m on any given day with their thousands of staff and every metro city covered across North America.

One of the most valuable things Brian learned in his time as a founder is the power of building effective goals, or as he likes to call it, making a "painted picture". But when you hear the word paint, think less Bob Ross, and more business vision casting.

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For instance, Brain used his "painted picture" to:

  • 🎯 find his dream COO
  • 🎯 score a spot on Oprah and Ellen's TV Show
  • 🎯 and grow his brand and be established in every major metro city across North America and Australia

Not bad eh? And just last week we heard that Brian was kind enough to open up his own calendar to speak to our LOI community (aka you) to show you how he does it so you can repeat the process.

All you gotta do is show up and take notes. But there will be time for questions at the end as well.

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If you're keen to set up some 2024 goals that truly move the dial smash that button below to secure your seat.

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Founder News of the Month

  • 🎉 Swish Goswami has been announced as our new Chair of the Board at the League of Innovators
  • 📰 Diana from Xatoms just presented her TEDx talk
  • 📕 BC students reading this newsletter (or relatives of yours you know) should apply to win $40,000 from the Beedie Luminaires grant expiring at the end of the month
  • Taylor Lindsay-Noel spoke to our founders about how she scored a spotlight at Oprah's Favourite List and pivoted from an aspiring Olympian with a fatal accident to a confident founder in the e-commerce space

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💭 Thought of the Week

Don't forget: snag your seat to our AMA with Brian Scudamore before it's too late.

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Your startup bestie-boos,

💙 The LOI Fam

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