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🍿 Last Chance Fam

🍿 Last Chance Fam

RSVP to LOI Demo Day

T-24 hours until 4 dragons battle 4 founders live on stage for the pleasure of your entertainment. Wanna know the worst part?

You're still attending that boring meeting on your calendar tomorrow and you're gonna miss out on the action. What a shame.

But wait. There's still hope...

This email is your sign to cancel that meeting and RSVP.

Do your future self a favour.

Join 500 high-IQ founders and investors gearing up to watch the SuperBowl tomorrow 🏈

You never know which pitches are gonna make your heart sparkle.

On the investor panel we have: Ryan Holmes, Tara Bosch Manny Padda and Melissa Allen.

On the founder stage, we have Brittany Charlton, Swish Goswami, Caroline Ragan and Max Nicholson.

Trust us, you'll wanna be at this one.

P.S. Need a reason to cancel the meeting? CC "ryanwholmes@loi.vc" and he'll reply to chime in and prove it to your boss.

Cya around,

The LOI Fam

RSVP to LOI Demo Day