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💸 5 Keys to Nail Your Startup Pitch

💸 5 Keys to Nail Your Startup Pitch

A little while ago, our team came across a LinkedIn post by Romeen Sheth. In his investing career, he's heard over 1,000 pitches. In that run, he breaks down a key pitch into 5 factors: Every pitch should have 5 main ingredients:

  • Problem: Is this an issue?
  • Solution: Do you have the fix?
  • Market: Is this a big enough issue?
  • Business: Can you make money?
  • Team: Can you pull it off?

We loved his ingredients so much we reached out to Romeen to get his permission so we could re-share this template with our founders. He said yes and now we're here.

The biggest points for founders to remember from the diagram above?

  1. Know the faults of the 5 pitch styles that don't convey a powerful story  
  2. Position your pitch in a way that communications each category listed above
  3. Reference check your slides with a couple of founders or investors you know.

Make sure your startup pitch hits home on that last row when the moment counts.

Go get 'em founders.

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