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🎟 Your Lucky Ticket...

🎟 Your Lucky Ticket...

RSVP to LOI Pitch Day

Hey, drop the green juice for a sec. We've got some news. 🥤

Last week we hosted 100+ young founders at an internal pitch competition. Our team was blown away. So we had an idea...

What if we advance the 6 best pitches to a public Stonks event to let our community vote on their favourite startups?... 🗳

The idea was a green light. So now we're rallying the troops.

Mark your calendars for June 14th at 11 am PST. You're gonna wanna be there if...

A) You're an angel investor or VC 💸

B) You're a startup founder 🍿

C) You love a good shark tank pitch-off? 🦈

Ryan Holmes and Manny Padda will be on the panel asking curveball questions, and Melissa Allen will be MC'ing. It's guaranteed to be a grand time.  

Cancel your lunch plans, charge your AirPods and prep your chequebook.

This 2022 Pitch Day isn't one you want to miss. RSVP below.

RSVP to LOI Pitch Day